Inviting God Into Our Online Spaces: Prayer of Blessing Over a Website

What is the first thing you do whenever you move into a new home? For our current home, my husband and I invited a friend over to pray. After we familiarized our hands to the feel of a new key in lock, our companion used her hands to light a candle and lead us from room to room. She spoke blessing and God’s sovereignty over the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, basement, and even the bathroom, inviting God’s peace and protection into each space. Since that sacred evening over three years ago, we’ve had multiple overnight guests tell us how peacefully they sleep in our home during their (pre-pandemic) stays with us.

I believe that in Christ “all things hold together”(Colossians 1:17), including the spaces where we live. So what would it look like to pray not only for our physical homes, but also for our digital ones? 

I’ve written this prayer of blessing for a website, blessing each of the “rooms” that are common in online spaces.

Opening Prayer: May all who cross the lintel into this site sense Your Spirit here, Jesus. Thank you that your boundary lines fall in pleasant places (Psalm 16:6), and we ask that the online boundaries of this site honor you and reflect your character. Please protect this site, and may all who come to this space know you in a fresh way. Amen.

Home Page: Loving God, I pray over this home page, which often acts as a website’s front porch. I pray your peace over everyone who first approaches this space. May you be glorified here in beauty and in love. Amen.

About Page: Lord of Three-in-One Relationship, I pray over the stories and relationships shared here. May they represent the good work that you have done, as well as the good work that you continue to do, through the community of this website. Redeem any past pain that this page shares, so that what others may have meant for evil you use for good (Genesis 50:20). May this page increasingly reflect your wonder and compassion so that all pilgrims to this place may rest in your presence here. Amen.

Search Option: God of Curiosity, I pray you would connect holy ideas, opportunities, and insights through this search function. May all these searches draw others to you in conviction, empowerment, and joy. Please cultivate creativity and new questions here; please reveal truth here. Amen.

Donate/Support Page: Jehovah Jireh, may the lifeblood that flows through this page demonstrate your abundance. We thank you that you are the Lord Who Provides, and may the provision that happens here be used for mutual edification in service to your Reign. Amen. 

Blog: Jesus, you are the Word, living and active, who judges the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts (Hebrews 4:12). May all the words shared here accurately reflect you. May you be glorified here, and may your humble, self-giving power be made known in this space. Amen.

Services Offered Page: God of the Eucharist and all Good Gifts, may the gifts offered in this space be used for the service of your Reign of justice and peace. As iron sharpens iron, may the opportunities that start on this page lead to abundant flourishing, for the joy of all involved as well as for your glory. Amen.

Contact Page: We thank you for sacred friendships, Lord, and we thank you for the friendships and connections that will begin in this space. May they lead to encouragement, growth, and wisdom. Amen.

If you pray this blessing over any online space that you frequently visit and/or moderate, then I’d love to hear how you see God work through these prayers! I’d also love to hear any prayers you may create in response.

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