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I hope you may find beauty and play here, perhaps a striking insight and renewing hope.

But for now, welcome. Check out my Blog, which has some of my poems, as well as commentary about poetry, book reviews, interviews with other poets, prayers, and writing prompts for you to try. On the Blog page, feel free to search the tags in the right column, which is where I tag for topics, as well as for the genres I just listed. Or if you’d like to search for more general categories such as faith, healing, and politics, then feel free to search the “Categories of Poetry Posts” drop down list on this page, right next to this text :).

The Publications pages show, in poetry and in prose, where I’ve been published elsewhere. Why Poetry? answers some common questions about why poetry matters (indeed, it’s my pearl of great price this season). Events & Speaking offers details about my speaking style and experience, including videos of several sermons I’ve preached, and a list of previous speaking venues. Speaking Requests has a list of possible topics for your retreat and/or event (though I’m certainly open to other ideas!), along with specifics about how to request me to speak. The related tab, Retreats, Book Clubs, and Workshops, is where I offer my own events. Sign up for my newsletter below to be the first to know about new retreats, book clubs, and other opportunities to gather with creative kinfolk!

About Melanie shares some of my story, including why I love house slippers. A Peek at Melanie’s Bookshelf provides a way to explore some of my favorite books, as well as to buy them through affiliate links that benefit both independent bookstores, and my calling to curate good words (at no additional cost to you). The Support page offers another opportunity to support this labor of love here, including through prayer and Bookshop patronage. And finally, the Contact page is where I’d love to hear from you! Another way we can stay in touch is through my newsletter (feel free to sign up below), which I certainly see as two-way communication. I look forward to journeying together in prayer and poetry, house slippers and all!

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