I love all types of poetry, whether it’s slam, sonnets, and everything in between. Perhaps it’s no surprise I find myself drawn to the Chinese language, with its pictographs and poetic depths.

Here’s an erasure I’ve made, titled “her ideas go through pain.”

Check out a story, which may be considered a type of spoken word, that I shared about my neighbor’s Big Green Monster, an aggressive plant bordering my back yard. “Big Green Monster” starts at 58 minutes, 41 seconds over at the “Keep in Touch with Anna and Kate” podcast.

What happens when a rain drop crashes into your face? “Of Asses and Raindrops” poses the possibilities.

Check out “Be Still and Know,” a sonnet at Bearings Online.

I also love to create erasures from old playbills. Geez Magazine published my first erasure, “breathing and unfettered,” in their spring 2019 issue.