I love all types of poetry, whether it’s slam, sonnets, and everything in between. Perhaps it’s no surprise that I find myself drawn to the Chinese language, with its pictographs and poetic depths. I was also honored to win the 2022 WWPH Writes the Holidays contest, and I was chosen as a finalist in the 2021 New York Encounter poetry contest.

Here’s an erasure I’ve made, titled “her ideas go through pain.”

My cinquain poem “Etymology of the Word ‘Parable‘” won the 2022 WWPH Writes the Holidays contest.

How to Do Nothing,” a villanelle, is published at Untold Volumes, August 2022.

Reformed Worship published my sonnet (and accompanying commentary) for “One of Herald’s Soldiers in Bethlehem Speaks,” August 2022.

A Lullaby Patchwork Quilt,” which is a cento poem, and “After I Close a Beloved Book” both debuted in Abditory Literary Magazine, July 2022.

Macrina Magazine published “Autobiography of an Origami Lantern” June 2022.

Check out my poem “Cabin Fever Compels Me to Bike to the Anacostia River” in the May 2022 Redbud Post.

Awake Our Hearts published my chiastic poem “A Turn in the River” in their spring 2022 issue.

Unweaving the Veil” from March 2022 is at Amethyst Review.

Check out “The Tao of Christ” with Ekstasis magazine.

Clerestory magazine published “Questioning Plates” in their “history” issue.

Amethyst Review published “Triptych for Cosmic Music” on Christmas Eve 2021.

Here are several of my haiku in the November 2021 issue of Better Than Starbucks.

Earth & Altar published my contrapuntal poem “The Kingdom of God, at Hand.”

Sharing Charlotte” is on pages 54-55 of the Summer 2021 issue of Tipton Poetry Journal.

In the April 2021 Redbud Post, “The Next Labyrinth Journey” chronicles, and contrasts, the varied ways that a labyrinth can be a spiritual practice.

I explore new ways to celebrate Advent in the middle of a pandemic in my poem “New Advent Practices,” which is part of Vita Poetica‘s 2020 Advent calendar.

What happens when a rain drop crashes into your face? “Of Asses and Raindrops” poses the possibilities.

Check out “Be Still and Know,” a sonnet at Bearings Online.

I also love to create erasures from old playbills. Geez Magazine published my first erasure, “breathing and unfettered,” in their spring 2019 issue.