Place, Neurodiversity, and Creative Practice: Interviewing Poets Jon and Elisa Rowe

Editor’s Note: this interview conducted over Zoom does not necessarily reflect the views of this website.

I recently had the honor of interviewing poets Jon and Elisa Rowe. Jonathan Rowe is a writer, copyeditor, and MLIS student raised between Boston, Massachusetts, and Johannesburg, South Africa. His work is published or forthcoming in perhappend, The Curator, Good Cop/Bad Cop: An Anthology by FlowerSong Press, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, and elsewhere. Elisa Rowe (formerly Crawley) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and raised in Boston, MA. She is a neurodivergent immigrant, writer, educator, and poet. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Michigan Quarterly Review, SAND Journal, Sledgehammer Literary Journal, Sojourners, and elsewhere.

In this interview, Jon and Elisa describe their journeys as poets not only as individuals, but also as a couple. They share how they have cultivated poetic habits in their relationship, offer advice for new poets, and explore how their faith informs their poetry (and poetry informs their faith). Elisa touches some on the role of neurodiversity in her poetry practice. With ties to South Africa and Northern Ireland, Jon and Elisa also discuss the significance of place in their work and practices. They conclude with thoughts about where they are finding surprise lately.

Jon and Elisa mention the work of their colleague, the artist Sojoung L Kim, who can be found on Instagram @soyounglkim.

Learn more about Elisa Rowe at, and follow her on Twitter @elisac or on Instagram @elmrowe.

Learn more about Jon Rowe by visiting, or by following him through Twitter @jwrowe93 and Instagram @jwinstonrowe.

Thank you, Jon and Elisa, for a really insightful conversation! 🙂

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