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Melanie carries a unique voice that is both grounded and imaginative. Her ability to foster conversations where personal experiences transform into profound life lessons makes her a captivating speaker and thought leader. I am incredibly grateful for voices like Melanie’s, whose willingness to lead with courage, wisdom, and empathy has undoubtedly impacted my life and many others.

-Natalie Brown, author of Fifty-Two Cups of Coffee and former Sojourners fellow

I am brainstorming some prayer and poetry workshops and retreats to offer soon, in God’s timing. Y’all, I am VERY excited by the possibilities here–I’m an extrovert, and a teacher and organizer at heart, so these possibilities keep me up at night with giddiness.

Here’s what I envision: I see poetry workshops that explore the whimsical side of verse, book clubs related to the intersection of art, prayer, and justice, and retreats that hold space for silence and creativity. Some of these events I’ll lead, and some will be led in partnership with trusted friends and colleagues. I know some amazing people, y’all, and I want you to get to know them, too. And of course, I also want to get to know you, as we all build a beloved community around prayer and poetry.

The sparks are flying, and I want you to be the first to know once I offer these workshops and retreats. Please sign up for my newsletter for up-to-date notifications, as well as exclusive event rates.

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