Speaking Requests

Melanie’s sermon on ‘Patience, Persimmons, and Parsing Motives’ was one of the most helpful and influential I’ve heard in a long time—how moving and inspiring! I loved Melanie’s humanity, how she intelligently ties the theme of ripeness and her walking through Scripture in answer to the questions, including the application of contemplative silence as a way to strengthen the heart.

–Bruce P.

To learn more about my speaking style, approach to speaking, qualifications, as well as previous speaking venues, please check out the Events & Speaking page. On that page, I also offer a Youtube playlist of sampler sermons so that you can get a feel for the presence and message that I bring.

This page also contains information if you are interested in requesting me to speak for an event that you’re planning.

I love speaking on, and have personal experience with, the following topics:

  • How to have difficult conversations in polarizing environments
  • Jesus as doctor and medicine
  • Living in intentional community
  • How to recognize God’s voice and movement in my life
  • Not so fast: confessions of a burnout junkie who is learning to wait
  • Women in the Bible: their stories, their voices
  • Mourning broken dreams and dying vision
  • The power, and terror, of fasting as spiritual practice
  • Prayer as a well-balanced diet
  • Navigating transitions
  • Sabbath and justice: a journey of remembrance
  • How to love and know God through prayer: a journey to surrender and release
  • Dangerous words: censorship and the Bible
  • Suffering, evil, and how do we respond?
  • When God is silent
  • Journeying through the Psalms
  • Holy expectations: what do God and others expect of me?
  • Our bodies and spirituality: turning foes into friends
  • Contemplative prayer practices that have stood the test of time
  • Patience, Persimmons, and Parsing Motives
  • Finding creativity through our everyday work materials
  • The Creative Journey: a personal labyrinth
  • Seeking and naming sources of creative inspiration
  • Our home a monastery: monastic practices we can weave into everyday life


I have led many retreats for a variety of ages and backgrounds. Most of the topics above can be turned into a retreat format (day, overnight, or weekend). I also love to lead silent retreats.

Please contact me to discuss potential speaking and/or retreat opportunities, as well as rates. I’d love to hear from you.