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This page includes affiliate links that support independent bookstores as well as my own calling to curate enriching literature, at no additional cost to you.

Melanie carries a unique voice that is both grounded and imaginative. Her ability to foster conversations where personal experiences transform into profound life lessons makes her a captivating speaker and thought leader. I am incredibly grateful for voices like Melanie’s, whose willingness to lead with courage, wisdom, and empathy has undoubtedly impacted my life and many others.

-Natalie Brown, author of Fifty-Two Cups of Coffee and former Sojourners fellow

I’m thrilled to announce that I am starting to offer some poetry and prayer workshops and book clubs! I always share these opportunities first in my newsletter (hint: sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page to be the first to know about future options :), and then I post them here, on the website.

The Artist’s Way Book Club

Are you tired of your creativity feeling blocked? Do you dream of writing [more] poems, but don’t know where to start? Join me for a book club voyaging through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The Artist’s Way is a time-tested treasure that has helped countless people to grow in their self-confidence as artists, including me!

In this caring and collaborative book club, we’ll meet four times over Zoom to discuss three chapters each from The Artist’s Way. Each session will include time to share our experiences of practicing morning pages and artist’s dates (two key exercises that Julia Cameron offers in her book), discussion of leading questions and topics from the reading, as well as a related writing prompt and contemplative exercise. This book club offers gentle support, accountability, and structure for those who are looking to take their writing to the next level. We’ll celebrate breakthroughs, as well as share solace for the challenges. Participants can expect to gain new insights and writing practices, as well as an expanded creative community.

We’ll meet four times in early 2022, each session from 10am-11:30am Eastern:

  1. Saturday, January 22, 2022 (weeks 1-3 from The Artist’s Way)
  2. Saturday, February 12, 2022 (weeks 4-6 from The Artist’s Way)
  3. Saturday, March 5, 2022 (weeks 7-9 from The Artist’s Way)
  4. Saturday, March 26, 2022 (weeks 10-12 from The Artist’s Way)

Please read the weekly readings before each book club meeting, and please purchase a copy of The Artist’s Way before class. This is a rich and wonderful book, so it’s best to start the reading as early as possible. If you’d like to purchase The Artist’s Way while also supporting Melanie’s work, please consider visiting Melanie’s Bookshop storefront! Any purchases made through Melanie’s Bookshop storefront support independent bookstores as well as Melanie’s calling to curate enriching literature, at no additional cost to you. The Zoom link will be sent to registered participants shortly before January 22nd.

Click here to register for The Artist’s Way book club.

Introductory Haiku Workshops

Haiku is not only a well-known form of poetry, but also an excellent contemplative practice. Haiku can calm us as well as fill us with renewed wonder. Yet what makes good haiku? Turns out, it’s not the 5-7-5 syllable structure that students are often taught in school.

During these introductory workshops, we’ll voyage through key characteristics of haiku, consider classical and contemporary examples, and enjoy ample quiet time to write our own. We’ll conclude with optional sharing based on each participant’s comfort level. By the end of the workshop, participants will gain deeper appreciation and insight into haiku, as well as one or more haiku drafts. These workshops are identical in content, and are open to all levels of poetry experience, including novice.

To learn more, and to register for the Saturday, February 5th haiku workshop from 10am-11:30am US Eastern, please click here.

To learn more, and to register for the Friday, February 18th haiku workshop from 7pm-8:30pm US Eastern, please click here.

Thank you to those of you who joined one of my word-of-the-year poetry workshops in early December. And please sign up for my newsletter below to be the first to learn about other workshops that I plan to offer in 2022!

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