Welcome to My Online Home.

We all crave a place to be real: somewhere we can let down our guard, wear our comfy pants, and come as we are, bedhead and all. My aim is to create that space here.

I invite you to take off your shoes. I lived in China for several years, after all, and I’ve found there’s wisdom in shedding the shoes upon entry. Don’t worry, I have plenty of house slippers (all colors and sizes!). In fact, I’m guessing you’ll find the house slippers to be quite comfy and conducive to relaxation.

I’d love to make you a cup of tea, offer some lightly salted sliced tomatoes (my favorite snack!), and ask you about your day. What has made you laugh recently? Where you seen God?

Take a look around. I hope you find beauty and play, perhaps a striking insight and some renewed hope. This online home reflects my own journey through Isaiah 61, where I’ve given God my ashes, mourning, and faint spirit. God has thus offered me a mantle of praise and oil of gladness that I pray is contagious. After your time here, I hope you find yourself breathing slower and more deeply than when you first arrived.

Even as I seek to live more incarnationally, getting to know my neighbors and becoming more involved in my local neighborhood, I also seek a home online.

Welcome. Here are some house slippers, and here are some snacks. What kind of tea would you like?